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Bromelain 1000 500mg 30 tablets

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Cardiovascular SystemBromelain effectively treats Angina (by stimulating the breakdown of Fibrinogen) [scientific research - humans: 1,200 mg of Bromelain per day caused the disappearance of all symptoms of Angina within 4 - 90 days of continued Bromelain treatment, depending on the severity of the coronary occlusions]. Bromelain breaks down the Atherosclerotic Plaque that is implicated in Atherosclerosis [scientific research - animals & in vitro].Bromelain inhibits abnormal Blood Clotting (by stimulating the breakdown of Fibrinogen and Fibrin via the process of fibrinolysis) - this can prevent Thrombosis. Bromelain helps to prevent and treat Cardiovascular Diseases (by inhibiting Fibrinogen that is implicated in the abnormal Blood Clotting that is implicated in most types of Cardiovascular Diseases) [scientific research - humans].Bromelain is an excellent treatment for persons who have had a Heart Attack (due to its ability to inhibit further abnormal Blood Clotting that may cause a second Heart Attack) [scientific research - humans].Immune SystemBromelain helps to “dissolve” the foreign Proteins (Antigens) that are responsible for many Allergies. Bromelain interferes with the growth of the malignant Cells of many forms of Cancer (by helping to stimulate the body’s endogenous production of anti-Cancer compounds such as Interleukin 1, Interleukin 6 and Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) [scientific research].Bromelain helps to reduce Inflammation [scientific research].Musculoskeletal SystemBromelain (160 mg per day) accelerates the healing of Bruising (Bromelain treatment must be commenced as soon as possible following injury for this treatment to be effective) [scientific research - humans: in Bromelain treated subjects all signs of Bruising diminished within 4 days, compared to 8 - 10 days in control subjects ]. Bromelain (1,200 - 1,800 mg per day) reduces the Inflammation associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis [scientific research - humans].Bromelain (160 mg per day) alleviates the Edema and Inflammation associated with Wounds [scientific research - humans].Water & Water BalanceBromelain alleviates Edema [scientific research].Bromelain Enhances the Function of these SubstancesImmune System ChemicalsBromelain (especially when administered in conjunction with Papain and Pancreatic Amylase) stimulates the production of Interleukin 1 (Interleukin 1 beta form) [scientific research]. Bromelain (especially when administered in conjunction with Papain and Pancreatic Amylase) stimulates the production of Interleukin 6 [scientific research].Bromelain (especially when administered in conjunction with Papain and Pancreatic Amylase) stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF-alpha form) [scientific research].LipidsBromelain stimulates the production of Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) [scientific research].Pharmaceutical DrugsBromelain (2,000 mg per day) increases the effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Antibiotics.PolyphenolsBromelain enhances the oral bioavailability of Curcumin.ProteinsBromelain facilitates the digestion of dietary Proteins [scientific research]. Bromelain activates Plasminogen to form Plasmin [scientific research].Second MessengersBromelain increases Cyclic AMP levels [scientific research].

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