Award Winning Quality Control

Wakunaga of America follows the same high quality standards to manufacture products which have been established by its parent company throughout 40 years of experience. Quality checks cover every aspect of the manufacturing process -from the organic cultivation of garlic through production, packaging and distribution. Wakunaga products are manufactured according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices established by the World Health Organization. In addition, Wakunaga has earned the distinctive ISO 9002 certification, recognizing compliance to the international quality standard and demonstrating the company's commitment to total quality assurance.

Wakunaga is continually implementing innovations to its automated manufacturing as well as quality assurance testing. The quality assurance system Wakunaga has in place also applies to environmental protection, as it is one of the company's primary responsibilities to protect the natural environment of the local community. Thus, Wakunaga is always striving for the ultimate target of providing the finest product available on the market to its customers, a product that ensures safety, quality and efficacy.
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