Today, sports and fitness has become an American way of life. From the serious bodybuilder to the weekend warrior, Americans have turned their energy toward individual peak performance.

BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems takes the complexity out of sports nutrition. The products in this line are intended to meet the immediate needs, which athletes have for growth and recovery, the long-term requirements for general health and maintenance, and the foundation for lasting athletic development. The BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems is more than the most complete line of nutritional products and sports supplements on the market, it's also the smart approach to training. By using scientific knowledge, sports physiology and training expertise, we've created the highest quality products and fitness programs to maximize your workouts.

Each product within the BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems has been carefully formulated to target the right enzymatic systems within the body so that each individual can achieve the pinnacle of performance. Each product is unique and nutritionally balanced to provide maximum performance. In formulating these, BIOCHEM® has taken into consideration the special needs of both anabolic and aerobic fitness. However, no sports program can work without proper diet and good health habits. Athletes should consult diet guides appropriate to their specific sport. Anabolic and aerobic activities place different demands upon the body and may call for different ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat to ensure peak performance. For instance, athletes involved in power sports and in bodybuilding typically require more protein, whereas endurance athletes may require more carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores.

Due to the overwhelming success of the low carbohydrate diet, BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness System proudly offers one of the most comprehensive group of low carbohydrate products. BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems proudly offers some of the most comprehensive lines of low carbohydrate products. BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems’ wide range of products includes everything from carbohydrate blockers to unique crispy rice style protein bars. The numerous choices allow BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems to be your best choice for the low carbohydrate diet. BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness System has the highest quality and best tasting low carbohydrate products available. These low carbohydrate products allow for choices that breed excitement in an otherwise drab diet.

All of these products together with your own personal commitment and training should enable you to capture the competitive edge. BIOCHEM® Sports and Fitness Systems-products that make a difference.