Environmental Commitment

The MegaFood commitment goes beyond our providing the highest Quality supplements. By packaging in 100% recyclable amber-glass we provide maximum potency protection for our formulas. At the same time glass enables us to use packaging that is friendly to our environment.

Environmental regulation of packaging has become a hot topic outside the U.S. More than 20 countries now have some form of "producer responsibility" law on the books or in the works. For example, the fee for using plastic in Germany is $1882.00 per metric ton of plastic versus $96.00 per metric ton of glass. The reason for this is simple. Plastic is very difficult to recycle. Glass is friendly to the environment.

Plastic bottles breathe exposing the product to the destructive properties of oxygen. There are also serious questions about "off gas" damage to the product that is packaged in plastic. Products packaged in glass do not breathe or give off gas and are protective of the food within the tablets.