The History of MegaFood

MegaFood and Nutrient History
MegaFood has always been at the forefront of innovative nutrient supplementation. In 1973 we recognized the importance of Food in nutrient utilization. We have maintained our original edge by creating products based on the importance of Food. MegaFood products take the nutritional marketplace to the next level.

FoodBased Nutrition
MegaFood created FoodBased Nutrition in our Essentials™ line in 1973. FoodBased Nutrition is the delivery of supplements with nutrient-rich whole foods. At MegaFood the nutrient-rich Whole Foods must represent at least 70% of the total weight of the formula. Not just any Foods - the Right Foods that make a Food Based supplement work at the highest level.

Full Color Spectrum
Why be concerned about color in your Supplement?

Worldwide research, including studies done by the National Cancer Institute, indicates the importance of including a full spectrum of colorful whole foods (red, blue, green, yellow, orange) in the daily diet. The color pigments in Whole Foods, such as anthocyanins, carotenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids, are recognized as being essential protective components of our diet. Essentials™ helps meet the challenge by including a daily dose of full color spectrum pigments in our formulas.

Quality Marked™ Whole Foods
Measuring Supplement Quality has always been an issue. In 2003 MegaFood set a new standard for the Foods used in supplements. MegaFood established quality standards by setting minimum levels of specific marker compounds for each Food used in our formulas. These markers indicate phytonutrient activity and therefore measure Quality.

Categories of Food Factors
MegaFood formulas, starting in 1973, have utilized all known categories of Food Factors. Science has proven that a maximum of Food Factors in a supplement yields optimal results. With well over 100,000 known Food Factors in seven defined categories it is important to include as broad a range as possible. MegaFood includes all seven known categories in our formulas.

Therapeutix Formulas Driven by Food™
Nutritional Therapeutix™ is formulated to maximize the body's physiological Specific Response to nutritive material. The overwhelming knowledge that Food is the ultimate healer led to an examination of how the currently available therapeutic products were delivered. There was a void in regard to Food's essential role in Specific Response. This is the reason for MegaFood's entry into Therapeutic Formulas. Nutritional Therapeutix™ Formulas set a new standard for cellular delivery of therapeutic nutrients based on the importance of Food in healing.