Garden of Life: A Way of Life

Dear Friends,

Please join me for a moment in picturing a world where good health is a given, not a matter of chance. In this imagined world, chronic obesity is no longer a problem and couples never rely on fertility drugs to conceive. The 4,000 people we lose prematurely every day to cancer, diabetes and heart disease would still be with us. And when we do contract an illness, we are not dependent on "drug-care," but are instead able to take control of our own health with lifestyle changes and advanced nutrition.

At Garden of Life, we believe such a world is possible, and that together, we can make it happen.

I started Garden of Life in order to share the approach to nutrition I discovered during my personal struggle to regain my health and, very literally, my life. Once I achieved good health, I knew it was my purpose to help empower others to attain extraordinary health. This is my mission at Garden of Life and the principles behind this mission are carried out by Garden of Life's innovative health and wellness regimens.

For instance, in this section of our Web site you'll find a growing library of resources developed to arm you with scientific facts and timeless wisdom—conventional and unconventional—that can bring you to a new level of well-being.

We've been blessed to achieve a level of success, but our journey has just begun. I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who strive to support world health every day—consumers, our employees, physicians, health food store owners, and retailers, among others. I know that each of you shares a similar vision, and that through our united efforts, we can turn the imagined world of good health into a lasting reality.

With hope for our future,

Jordan Rubin

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