Chag-o-Power & Chag-o-Charge Expresso: Discover Raw Forest Power
Chaga mushroom is known as the most powerful medicinal mushroom discovered. North American Herb & Spice has developed two powerful ways to get the true wild and raw chaga mushroom. Made from North American chaga picked by hand from the remote northern forests. Chaga has been known as a whole food medicine for centuries in Siberia, Europe, and by Native Americans.

Recent compelling research has unlocked the secret in the forest that so many cultures discovered long ago. The power of chaga is found in its dense nutrient content. SOD, superoxide dismutase, this is the most powerful of antioxidants and critical for our health. Chaga may be up to 40% SOD by weight making it essential for those in need of powerful antioxidant supplementation. In addition to SOD chaga is a top source of betulinic acid another super antioxidant. Betulinic acid is concentrated in chaga from the birch trees they are found on. Along with the powerful antioxidants chaga contains virtually every B vitamin and mineral. It is because of this which makes chaga the focus of much research.

Now you can enjoy chaga in two powerful formulations; Chag-o-Power and Chag-o-Charge Expresso. Chag-o-Power is the first of its kind chaga mushroom emulsion. It is blended with a proprietary blend of natural spice oils including the P73 oregano oil. This emulsification process is truly unique and releases the true power of chaga while maintaining a raw state. The Chag-o-Charge expresso is a raw blend of chaga and birch bark along with purple maca. This instant beverage can be made with hot or cold water making it the ideal functional beverage.


  • Raw or hot instant beverage mix
  • Purple Maca and Betulinic acid rich white birch bark added
  • Rich and delicious expresso taste
  • Great source of minerals, B vitamins, and antioxidants

  • Raw chaga emulsion
  • Powerful spice oil blend including P73 oregano oil
  • Potent source of natural sterols
  • Natural source of beta glucans
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.