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Your Family Will Benefit from a Multi
In these times of packed schedules and unprecedented stress, multivitamins and other supplements are staples of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, many people still are not taking a daily multi or giving one to their children. Why not? Perhaps they are listening to outdated advice. Some nutritionists and physicians still feel that we can get all the nutrition we need from food. But who eats a perfect diet?

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The Right Fats Can Make You Thin
The American public has been brainwashed with a big fat lie—that fats are the ultimate dietary killers. What’s more, the lie has been extended to cover all fats, not just a few harmful ones. But fat happens to be an essential nutrient, necessary for the health and well-being of our bodies and brains.

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Selenium for Your Skin
Sunblock? Check. Wide-brimmed hat? Check. Selenium? Before you go out in the sun, protect your skin from its harmful rays by taking your multivitamin. Research shows that higher blood levels of the mineral selenium may reduce the incidence of skin cancer by about 60 percent. Investigators report that selenium was associated with a reduced risk of both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

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