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Vegan Daily™
MegaFood Vegan Daily is a new foundational multi-vitamin and mineral formula designed for those who follow a plant-based vegan or vegetarian diet. Each serving provides 100% daily value of specific FoodState® Nutrients that are recommended for vegans to supplement for optimal health.* Vegan daily is certified vegan, gluten free, and is tested free of pesticides, herbicides, and soy.

MegaFood Vegan-Ease has been specifically formulated to ease the digestion and assimilation of key nutrients for those with a plant-based diet.* Vegan-Ease is a convenient one-tablet formula comprised of 13 plant-based enzymes, which aid in the break-down of high-fiber foods and plant-based protein sources such as beans, nuts, hemp, and grains.* This formula is ideal for those seeking digestive comfort and optimal benefit from their plant-based diet.*

Vegan B12™
MegaFood Vegan B12 offers ideal potencies of FoodState® vitamin B12 along with vitamin B6 and folate to enhance the body's natural energy stores, mental alertness, and overall well-being.* This convenient one-tablet formula is ideal for those on a plant-based diet, or those over the age of 50, who may be experiencing a low dietary intake or assimilation of these key nutrients.

Vegan Protect™
MegaFood Vegan Protect is a certified vegan formula designed to promote daily purification of the body and healthy cellular renewal.* In addition to providing mindful potencies of FoodState® Nutrients vitamin C, E, and selenium, each tablet includes liver-supportive herbs revered for their ability to support healthy removal of toxins from the body.* This antioxidant-centric formula is perfect for those looking for daily protection to support healthy aging and radiant inner energy.*

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