Discover beautiful, healthy hair with NutriBiotic's refreshing shampoos and moisturizing conditioners. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their hair. That's why we offer three amazing, biodegradable, and pH balanced formulas, all containing grapefruit seed extract. Free of paraben preservatives and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. Nourish your hair with botanical oils and extracts while cleansing away impurities leaving your hair healthy and simply vibrant.

Experience a Botanical Infusion Everyday!
Botanical Blend - For Normal to Oily Hair

Everyday Clean Shampoo
Gently cleanse hair with a therapeutic blend of ingredients that maintain you hair's natural pH balance, while removing excess oil and buildup. Treat unhealthy scalp conditions and protect against environmental toxins that clog hair follicles. A refreshing formula that leaves your scalp and hair feeling revitalized and looking naturally healthy.

Everyday Clean Conditioner
Infused with botanical extracts to soothe your hair and scalp, this botanical blend encourages the regeneration of natural moisture. This light conditioning formula prevents the production of excess oil, leaving your hair bright and shiny.

Treat Your Hair to Paradise!
Paradise Rain - For All Hair Types

Everyday Volume Shampoo
Nourish and strengthen hair with vital nutrients that build volume, body, and shine. Botanical extracts enhance manageability and make hair visibly thicker, fuller, and healthier.

Everyday Volume Conditioner
Increase volume and fullness with botanical extracts. Condition each strand, leaving your hair softer, healthier, and more manageable.

Nourish Your Hair with a Tropical Harvest of Natural Moisturizing Botanicals
Tropical Harvest - For Dry, Damaged Hair

Everyday Nourish Shampoo
Instantly repair and moisturize dry, damaged hair with humectants that nourish stressed and over-processed hair. Botanical emollients deeply penetrate hair, restoring strength and manageability. Prevent further damage by cleansing away impurities leaving your hair healthy, soft, and full of shine.

Everyday Nourish Conditioner
Heal dry, damaged hair with a hydrating blend of botanical oils and extracts. Deeply condition brittle, unmanageable hair with rich nutrients and protect against conditions that cause hair breakage, split ends, and tangling. Nourish each strand for a look that is smooth, healthy, and simply radiant.

Hypo-Allergenic Multiple -Vitamin-mineral in a base of chlorella, a highly nutritive fresh water phytoplankton. NutriBiotic Hypo-Allergenic Multiple is for people concerned about common food born antigens. This formula is a balanced blend of the purest bio-nutrients available. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for superior absorption and bioavailability with lowest antigenicity (least allergy potential). Rapid assimilation.Does not contain fillers, excipients, binders, starch, wheat, soy, milk, egg, yeast, rose hips, colorings, preservatives, or common food allergens.

Calcium/Magnesium- NutriBiotic Calcium and Magnesium Aminoates are created from their naturally occurring compounds, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. The carbonate is removed and the calcium magnesium is bound with citric acid and aspartic acid. This dual citrate-aspartate complex is then bound with predigested rice protein. Easily digested and absorbed. Hypo-allergenic.Does not contain soy, milk, egg, yeast, wheat, corn, fillers, excipients, sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

Multi Mineral-NutriBiotic Multi Mineral is the most comprehensive formula available containing all the major minerals, trace minerals, plus Germanium, Boron and GTF Chromium, all in easily assimilated form.Does not contain soy, milk, egg, yeast, wheat, corn, sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

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