EDEN Snacks

EDEN Snacks provide potent nutritional value that conveys sustaining energy. They are pure and purifying snack foods prepared in a manner that maintains or enhances nutrients and pleasurable flavor, like we all want. They contain only the finest ingredients and where appropriate, only organic non-irradiated Eden selected seasonings. Every detail is looked after to ensure purity. All are prepared at our certified organic, Non-GMO, kosher, Michigan headquarters. This facility is audited and inspected by AIB International, and receives their highest rating for food safety. Eden provides the healthiest snack food possible. They are pleasurable, beneficial, real food that delivers important phytonutrients needed for well-being.

  • Certified organic, kosher, and Non-GMO offerings
  • Enjoyable, beneficial, phytonutrient rich real food
  • No refined sugar or chemical additives
  • No refined oil, trans-fats, or sulfites
  • Low sodium, low fat, fat free, and gluten free selections
  • "Best Food" awards from Men's Health and Women's Health magazines
  • Reclosable 4 ounce standing pouches