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Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)


Cranberry/Nutrient Depletion:
  • CalciumCalcium: Based on preliminary study, cranberry may reduce the formation of renal stones (75; 87; 88; 52).
  • GlucoseGlucose: Based on human evidence, consumption of a low-calorie cranberry juice rich in proanthocyanidins may be associated with a favorable glycemic response (77).
  • LipidsLipids: Based on human evidence, ingestion of a low-calorie cranberry juice cocktail daily may increase plasma HDL-cholesterol concentrations, but not alter LDL and VLDL levels (30). However, another study reported that cranberry juice supplementation significantly reduced circulating oxidized LDL concentrations, but did not affect plasma lipoprotein-lipid concentrations (36). These results are supported by in vitro study as well (37).
  • Vitamin B12Vitamin B12: Based on a clinical study, ingestion of cranberry juice may double absorption of protein-bound vitamin B12 in patients taking proton pump inhibitors (89).

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