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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Natural Products Industry Awards Most Innovative Technology Award 2007
March 7th, 2008, Venice, Fla. – Living Naturally, LLC announced today they have been awarded an industry achievement award for their market leading sales force automation program – Sales Genius™. The Sales Genius™ program received the Most Innovative Technology Award from Nutrition Business Journal for 2007.

The Sales Genius™ system comprises a Windows based Pocket PC handheld application and web-based programs to manage orders, credits, audits, product catalogs, reports, spiff programs, call reports and more. It caters directly to the creative ways in which sales personnel approach their job, whether working out of their office on the road.

Service organizations that use mobile service solutions similar to Sales Genius™ report meeting 22 % more in sales targets, a 21% in increase in problem resolution and an 18% increase in service revenues.

With Sales Genius™, sales personnel are able save hours a day by automating the order/credit and auditing functions. This provides them with more time to focus on selling – making more sales calls and more effective calls – both of which contribute to an increase in sales results.

Sales Genius™ also supports operational savings and promotes sustainable business practices. “We save 720lbs, or a 24ft tall stack of paper a year just in our Midwest Region”, says Nikki Nolbertowicz, Presence Sales and Marketing.

Using Sales Genius™, sales personnel are also better prepared in the store with real time product information. There are less ordering errors as mistakes are instantly visible, which results in less returns and credits.

Sales managers using Sales Genius™ report more awareness of their sales reps’ activities which eliminates a lot of manual communication (e.g. calls back and forth about which items are being stocked by certain stores, what’s on deal, last call date for a store, etc). Sales managers can view all orders, stocking reports and sales force activities over the Internet in real time. The handhelds also manage email, contacts, calendars and other organizational productivity tools.

“The transition from manual order writing and data gathering to automated processing of information has been the single largest culture change I have seen in my seven years with the Hain-Celestial Group,” “The benefits are felt immediately” - Mike Renkosiak, Senior Sales Director.

“Sales Genius™ doesn’t change the business, but it does shift the manner in which business is done.” commented Dot Peck, VP Business Development for Living Naturally. She continues “Companies reap operational savings, better communications and enhanced customer service - sales reps spend much less time managing paperwork. Sales Genius™ has been a very successful product, coming to market at just the right time for the natural products industry.”

Sales Genius™ serves a special niche in the industry with a mix of direct manufacturers, distributors and broker organizations using the program. Some of the companies already experiencing the benefits of the Sales Genius™ system include Hylands Homeopathic, Barlean’s, Hain Celestial-Group, Natrol, Natural Brokers, New Chapter, New Connections, Pacific Natural Sales, Presence MW, NW & Rocky Mountains and United Natural Brands. These companies constantly provide feedback on the program, which enables Living Naturally to continue to make upgrades and enhancements over time.

For additional information on the Sales Genius program, contact Dot Peck at 1-800-360-2231 x1503 or visit the online demonstration web site - .

About Living Naturally
Living Naturally, LLC, is an online technology provider to more than 3,000 retailers and suppliers in the natural health sector. The company develops and markets a suite of programs under the “Genius” brand to enhance the productivity and ma
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