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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Living Naturally Announces Partnership with INFRA
July 10, 2006, Venice, Fla. - Living Naturally announced a partnership with the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) to develop customized functions within the suite of services including Scan Genius, Web Genius and Natural Market Watch. Independent retailers who are members of INFRA will receive Living Naturally’s existing services at favorable rates during the development of the online solutions for cooperative purchasing, marketing and education that are unique to the INFRA membership and its vendor partners.

“We are pleased to work with INFRA on technical solutions that serve our common customers,” said Living Naturally, CEO David Knaggs. “The experience and knowledge of some of the leading independent retailers in the industry who are INFRA members will help Living Naturally continue to build high-value, effective solutions that support the growing natural product industry and the independent distribution channel in particular.”

INFRA will concentrate its customization efforts on Living Naturally’s Natural Market Watch and Promo Genius, the companion services to Web Genius and Scan Genius.

“Living Naturally’s retailers’ portal, Natural Market Watch, and its promotion engine, Promo Genius, will strongly support our vendor programs and our marketing and education initiatives,” said Corinne Shindelar, Development CEO of INFRA. “This relationship will provide an important advantage to our members because Living Naturally’s programs satisfy both independent retailers and their natural product vendors at the same time.”

“We’re very glad to finalize this agreement with Living Naturally,” said Jim Someck, Chairman of the Board of INFRA and a founding member. “Living Naturally has demonstrated their dedication to the independent retailer and an understanding of our needs in today’s competitive market better than most other technology companies in our industry. We believe that the relationship will provide equal value to both organizations and be of benefit to our independent retail members.”

About Living Naturally
Living Naturally is a leading provider of online solutions to the North American Natural Health industry. Formed in 1999 to service the needs of retailers and suppliers in this space, the company has established itself at the forefront of innovative solutions for the industry. Living Naturally currently serves over 1,500 customers and works with a number of strategic partners including United Natural Foods, New Hope Natural Media, Danny Wells & Associates, InnoVision Natural Health Media, Natural Partners, ASI Business Solutions, and Innovation Philadelphia. Visit for more information.

About the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association
Founded in 2005, INFRA is the first independent natural food retailers Cooperative in the United States for the purpose of providing purchasing, marketing, business and educational services that help independents compete in today’s natural health marketplace. The cooperative structure provides a current membership of 53 stores includes retailers ranging in annual sales volume from $600,000 to over $40M annually an equal voice in organizational affairs regardless of store size or volume. For more information, visit
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