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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Living Naturally Announces Strategic Partnership with InnoVision Health Media, Alternative Medicine Magazine
April 26, 2006, Venice, Fla. - Living Naturally announced a partnership with InnoVision Health Media, Inc., the parent company of Alternative Medicine magazine and the medical journals Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, for the provision of web site development and hosting services, content licensing and the provision of a turnkey web site program to InnoVision’s alternative health practitioner customers. Under the terms of partnership, Living Naturally will support InnoVision’s integration of its print business with complementary and interactive online components targeted to both consumers and advertisers. Living Naturally will benefit from the use of InnoVision’s content archives, which will be made available to its natural products industry retailer customers. Both companies will market a Living Naturally powered turnkey web site program to 40,000 existing health practitioners of InnoVision.

“I am very excited about the partnership both from the perspective of being able to provide excellent value added content offerings to existing customers and also to open up our web site model to service alternative health practitioners,” said Living Naturally CEO David Knaggs. Alternative Medicine content will be offered free of charge to Living Naturally’s turnkey web site customers. “This is one of many initiatives that we have in progress right now to continue to deliver better products and services to our existing customers,” Mr. Knaggs concluded.

“This is a great leverage play for both parties,” said InnoVision CEO Rick Prill. “Living Naturally is an excellent online technology provider with a proven record of success. This exchange is a great complement to our existing lines of business, and we expect that Living Naturally will be an important partner in our expansion initiatives into the online, interactive space.”, the partnerships’ first joint project, was re-launched on April 1, 2006, on the Living Naturally platform. Consumers visiting are already benefiting from expanded content, interactive tools, years of archived Alternative Medicine articles, and the new health food store finder that promotes Living Naturally’s network of 1500+ independent natural food store retailers. An upgraded practitioner search function will be released in May. By mid-April, the new web site had already tripled the number of page views it had received from its previous web site. “We fully expect to grow our online traffic to 4 million page views per month with Living Naturally’s help,” said Miriam Weidner, Director, Business Development for InnoVision.

About InnoVision Health Media
InnoVision Health Media, formerly known as InnerDoorway Health Media, is a multimedia, health and wellness media company located in Boulder, Colorado, that offers print publications and professional education programs and services for the expanding market of healthcare practitioners and consumers interested in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). InnoVision also provides custom publishing services to the natural health retailer and practitioner sectors. Visit for more information.

About Living Naturally
Living Naturally is a leading provider of online solutions to the North American Natural Health industry. Formed in 1999 to service the needs of retailers and suppliers in this space, the company has established itself at the forefront of innovative solutions for the industry. Living Naturally currently serves over 1,500 customers and works with a number of strategic partners including United Natural Foods, New Hope Natural Media, Danny Wells & Associates, Natural Partners, ASI Business Solutions, and Innovation Phila
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