Auricular Medicine

Auricular Medicine 

This is a non-invasive system of assessment and treatment through the ear that relies on direct feedback from the body that can help identify the causes of many illnesses. This approach has been used to identify various diseases dating back to ancient times.

However, it was in the 1950’s that award winning French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier first developed this sophisticated technique of assessment to help his patients. Nogier's research revealed that the ear is energetically connected to the entire body: a “microsystem.”  This means that the outer ear is a tiny microcosm of living energy—a comprehensive acupuncture system representing the entire body.  

Imagine your brain as a computer. Inside this computer is a “map” of the entire body. This map is projected onto your EAR through your nervous system.  Finding the points on the map is like using a computer’s keyboard or mouse to gain entrance into the system.

The ear has reflex points, which represent all organs, glands and tissues in the body. Each reflex area connects with the body through the brain, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This reflex area allows the ear to be used for the detection of imbalances in the body and therefore can be used as a medium to facilitate healing.

Advantages of Auricular Medicine:

  • Integrates Western and Chinese modalities of health for balance and equilibrium. 

  • Incorporates, simultaneously, a system of both diagnosis and treatment.

  • A natural practice that requires no medication (drugs) or abrasive techniques.

  • Activates the meridian which regulates energy flow. 

  • Stimulates the internal organs.

  • Has no side effects.

  • Improves the body’s circulation.

  • Aids in the flow of the lymphatic system. 

  • Is a treatment for the whole body: Physical, functional, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Human studies have shown that stimulation of ear acupuncture points appears to cause the systemic release of endorphins. 

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