Herbal & Nutritional Preparations

What Is Nutritional Compounding?

Similar to the preparation of personalized medications, compounding can prepare customized nutritional formulas that include vitamin, mineral, nutritional and herbal ingredients. This aspect of compounding allows practitioners to treat specific nutritional deficiencies that a mass-produced vitamin or mineral product cannot address.

At the Leamington Wellness Pharmacy, we stock a variety of vitamins, herbal supplements and holistic products that are premium quality. However, everyone is unique and may require specific nutritional needs that may not be met through conventional available supplementation.

We can compound nutritional products upon the request of a physician, nutritionist, dietician, or individuals themselves. We will also work with you to ensure our formulations meet only the highest of standards and are specific to your needs.  We can ensure formulations are customized for example to eliminate gluten, casein, dyes, sugar, lactose, alcohol, nuts, stearates, unwanted flavourings and preservatives.

Through our specialty compounding expertise, we can now deliver solutions that go beyond the realm of conventional products, providing more options for you!

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