Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Is designed to use herbs to treat the underlying causes of disease in a patient. Instead of looking at the signs and symptoms and then treating the disease, our practitioner will look at the whole picture; assessing underlying causes.

Once the cause of a condition is discovered, herb(s) can be recommended to restore the body's natural balance. Herbalism is understanding how different herbs work with the body to restore balance and health.
  Herbs have been used for centuries not only to cure disease, but have been used as a preventative medicine to boost immune function and promote overall general well-being. Book an appointment today and discover how you can benefit from a holistic approach.

At Leamington Wellness Pharmacy, we carry a variety of herbs found in teas, supplements, vitamins, tinctures etc. We can also formulate customized herbal remedies to suit your needs. Are you looking for a customized herbal remedy? Click here for details.

What are the benefits?

Herbal medicine can be very beneficial for treating many conditions:

·         Minor scrapes/bruises        

·         Migraines

·         Arthritis

·         Skin Conditions

·         Cancer

·         Joint Issues

·         Digestive Issues

·         Depression

·         PMS

·         Respiratory Conditions

·         Cardiovascular Disease and more.

List of some commonly used herbs:

A number of plant parts may be used for therapeutic purposes, including: the seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark and flowers.

·         Echinacea

·         Garlic

·         Ginger

·         Ginseng

·         Gingko

·         Lavender

·         Rosehip

·         St. John's Wort 

How are herbs prepared?

Decoctions are made by boiling barks, roots and berries to extract the active ingredients. The liquid is strained and can be taken either hot or cold.

Tinctures are made by soaking herbs in water and alcohol to extract and preserve the active ingredients. The liquid is then stored in small bottles and taken with water.

Infusions are made like teas. Boiling water is poured over the herb and is left to sit for about 10 minutes, creating a liquid to be taken as a hot drink or medicine.

Infused Oils are made with chopped herbs and oil. The mixture is either placed in a bowl over boiling water, or left to infuse in the sunlight.

Creams are made from herbs and either oil or fat. The mixture simmers for about three hours before it is strained and set in dark bottles.

Ointments are also made from herbs combined with either oil or fat. The ointment is then heated quickly over boiling water before it is strained and set.




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