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"I wouldn't ... couldn't exist in the store without Scan Genius. It's made my job much easier in the past and I know the staff will wonder how they ever got along without it."
Kelli Reese, General Manager, Durango Natural Foods

“When I think of life before SG and compare it to life after SG, I don't know how I EVER did it. I am in love with my scanner. We are now getting into the high season, and it is so nice to zip through the store and get the ordering over with. We make a lot more frequent, smaller orders, and it is much easier to shelve a $200 order than a $600 order---everyone appreciates that!”
Jeri Barrett, Herbal Solutions

“Very useful!! ScanGenius has cut down my order time huge! I like its inventory capabilities especially when I scan an item I can see how many I ordered before, and then gauge the kind of turn around I’m getting on that product. Saving us money and making us money!”
Stacy McCauley, Buyer, Clover’s Natural Market

“WE LOVE IT! It has made our jobs easier, from looking up inventories to ordering. It’s really easy to learn and worker friendly!”
Roxanne Lewis, Manager, Cid’s Natural Market

“KEEPS EVERYTHING ORGANIZED! It’s faster, we can see what we’re ordering, check prices, and our margins as we go. I love the up-to-date catalog, it’s more accurate than the book.”
Becky, Buyer, Fresh and Natural Foods

“We were up and running the first day doing an order! We’re only one month into it! The customer support makes it real easy to get started.”
Robert Worthen, Owner , Granary Street Market

“I find it easer than using the catalog and jotting things down by hand. We are able to be much more efficient when ordering because we add, subtract & edit orders on the computer before we send it off!”
Rosanne Kiely, Owner, Manager Grove Corner Market

“Before ScanGenius it would take me over 10 minutes to call in one particular supplement order, now it’s just a couple minutes and I’m finished, without being on hold!”
Lindsay Bodanza, Supp Buyer, Brighter Days Natural Foods

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