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Thursday, November 20, 2008
Living Naturally Announces Special Rebates For Retailers
November 20, 2008, Sarasota, Florida – Living Naturally, LLC today announced a special rebate program to ease the burden for retailers in the US who may have concerns about the current economic environment. In an unprecedented move, the Company is offering three free months of service to any new customers that sign-up for any of the Living Naturally programs before the end of this year. Web Genius, Scan Genius and Loyalty Genius are also deducible under IRS Section 179, which enables retailers to fully expense the costs of these systems over a three period, in the 2008 tax year.

“The natural products sector generally holds up well in softer economic environments, but many of our retail customers are personally feeling the impact of the recent events on Wall Street” commented Living Naturally CEO David Knaggs. “Consequently, we want to provide some special incentives to make it clear that Living Naturally is a company fully committed to support the industry in any economic circumstances.” He continued “Generally, our programs are very much geared towards improving the financial performance of a retailer’s business – Scan Genius as it relates to labor savings, improved inventory management and more efficient deal buying, and our Web Genius and Loyalty Genius programs that facilitate substantial reductions in marketing costs (especially compared to conventional print advertising), and powerful online marketing tools and content libraries to help retailers drive incremental store visits and dollars spent per visit. The steps we are taking at this time should further encourage independent retailers to adopt systems that will help them be more competitive with the mass market and big-box retailers who are trying to woo their customers away.”

Living Naturally VP, Internet Programs Linda O’Hara said “In today’s economy, the cost efficiencies of email marketing over direct mail marketing are indisputable. When retailers combine the effectiveness and efficiency of online promotions with loyal customer shopping incentives, everybody wins. Customers receive more value and buy-on-promotion opportunities; retailers reduce their promotional costs without sacrificing the promotional message. I’m very pleased that Living Naturally is offering retailers this rebate program at a time when every retailer needs the benefits that our technology solutions provide.”

Leading industry consultant Danny Wells also welcomed the move by Living Naturally. Mr. Wells commented “In today’s economic environment, now more than ever retailers need to embrace technology to keep their businesses strong and competitive. By moving to more efficient ordering methods and more cost effective online marketing strategies, independent retailers will be in the best possible position to not only survive the current economic situation, but to emerge from this recession even stronger on a relative basis. I would also urge retailers to consider implementing a customer loyalty program at this time. Identifying, tracking and retaining your customer base has never been more important than it is today. I commend Living Naturally for helping to ease the plight of independent retailers with these rebates at a critical time for them in the industry.” Mr. Wells will be conducting a seminar for natural products retailers in 2009 specifically to address the current economic environment titled “Recession Retailing” (see in the upcoming months for his 2009 seminar schedule).

For additional information regarding the Living Naturally programs that these special rebates apply to, please visit,, or contact Leslie Carpenter at 1-800-360-2231 x1506 or email

About Living Naturally
Living Naturally, LLC, is an online technology provider to more than 3,000 retailers and suppliers in the North American natural health sector. The Company develops and markets a suite of Internet programs under the “Genius” brand, to enhance the productivity and marketing capabilities of retailers and suppliers in the natural health industry. Living Naturally’s retail programs include Scan Genius™ - an intelligent shelf ordering system, Web Genius™ - a line of packaged web site and online marketing solutions, and Loyalty Genius™ - an advanced loyalty marketing system. For additional information, please visit the Company’s web site at
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