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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Living Naturally Releases New Supply Side Programs
September 6th, 2005, Venice, Fla. - Living Naturally, a leading provider of technology and marketing solutions to the natural product industry, announced two new supply side solutions today: Promo Genius™ and Sales Genius™. Promo Genius is a fully integrated online advertising solution that provides industry suppliers with exposure to all segments of the rapidly growing Living Naturally online network. Sales Genius is an advanced PDA based customer management and field sales ordering system for companies with mobile sales forces including distributors, manufacturers and brokers.

Living Naturally CEO David Knaggs is very enthusiastic about the company’s new product offerings. “Online advertising is a powerful medium if used correctly as it is instant, targeted, cost-effective, interactive and measurable. Promo Genius provides distributed and direct manufacturers with a unique opportunity to reach a large number of industry retailers and their consumer customers,” Mr. Knaggs remarked. He continued, “Having worked in sales force automation since the eighties, I believe that Sales Genius will be revolutionary product in its class. Laptops have never been practical at the point of sale and now field sales staff can use a single device to perform their sales admin and sales management functions, with the convenience of a hand-held ordering device at the shelf.”

Industry veteran and Living Naturally executive Dot Peck sees Sales Genius as the tool that the supply side of the industry has been waiting on for many years. “Until recently, Pocket PC’s have not had the capabilities or price point to warrant consideration as a standard field sales technology platform,” she remarked. “This has all changed and these units are now affordable with full PC capabilities, high-speed laser scanner, ruggedized design, and built-in wireless support. Beyond the hardware platform, the integrated customer management and in-store ordering, inventorying and credit processing features, make this a very powerful system. Field sales staff will see large increases in sales productivity through the use of Sales Genius, while sales managers and company executives will be able to instantly track and monitor all field sales activity,” Ms. Peck concluded.

“Today, 220 million North Americans are online and the Internet accounts for a significant influence of consumer product buyers” said leading industry consultant Danny Wells. “Natural product manufacturers have been slow to capitalize on this trend however, with only a few percent of their advertising budgets dedicated to online marketing. In my view, this is a huge lost opportunity as the benefits of online advertising are substantial, especially within such an expansive, integrated B2C / B2B network like the one being developed by Living Naturally,” Mr. Wells commented.

About Living Naturally
Living Naturally is a leading provider of marketing and technology solutions to the North American natural health industry. Formed in 1999 to service the needs of retailers and suppliers in this space, the company has established itself at the forefront of innovative solutions for the industry. Living Naturally currently serves over 1,500 retailers and suppliers and works with a number of strategic partners including United Natural Foods, Danny Wells & Associates, Natural Partners, ASI Business Solutions, and New Hope Natural Media and ADAM. Visit for more information.
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